Suspended from Walmart? Get Reinstated Fast with This Guide.

Thousands of Walmart Marketplace Sellers (since 2009) have used our method to appeal their suspension and get their Walmart seller accounts reactivated.

The Walmart Appeal Kit includes over 40 different appeal letter templates that you can customize for your specific case, along with step-by-step instructions on how to submit the appeal.

Why spend hundreds of dollars with an appeal agency, if you can do it yourself?


  • More than 40 appeal letter proven to be highly effective getting seller accounts reinstated.

  • Use our templates to create your own perfect appeal letter.

  • Learn how to verify your account as well as send invoices in a format that Walmart accepts.

  • Five Walmart escalation appeal letters in case Walmart has rejected your previous appeal.

  • Learn how to avoid multiple or related account suspensions issues.

  • We will also show you how to avoid getting your seller account suspended in the future.

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Loretta Johnson, New York, NY
“When I checked this morning, I was thrilled to see my Walmart Seller account had been fully restored. Thanks to your invaluable guidance, I’m back in business selling on the Walmart Marketplace. I cannot express how grateful I am for your assistance through this difficult process.”
Ron Reed, Cambridge (United Kingdom)




Peter Bergman, Author of Author of the ‘Walmart Appeal Kit’

Try the Walmart Appeal Kit guide today, learn how to appeal your limitation and get your seller account back.

The Walmart Appeal Kit’ has been the #1 Selling guide on how to get your seller account restored since 2009.

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