You are a living being with energy centers inside your body. The type of energy you exude is a consequence of your mind. To illustrate; optimism attracts positive energy in your body; this in turn attracts good health and wellness. Moreover, what happens around you is a mirror of the thoughts you draw in your mind. Health and sickness are dreams dwelling in your mind, through choosing positive thoughts; you as the master of your body direct your state of well-being and health.

Further, your thoughts are a vital attraction of your psychological health. Specifically, negative repetitive thoughts on issues such as fear will impact your health through generating bad experiences. These will then impact your perceptions on certain events; hence, making you to be constantly be terrified. You can counter this psychological ineptness by having faith in a higher power which will lead to you achieving your potential in any terrifying situation.

The attraction law implies you have an unlimited probability within you to heal ailments. Your mental capacity has the capability to manage your thoughts; this
capability is used in healing organs and emotions. Physical and mental health are controlled by the mind. Through this ability, your mind is empowered as a magnet to draw health; specifically, attract vigor in your body through imagining and visualizing curing of the ailing organs in your body.

Importantly, you can use the law of attraction to achieve ambitions and desires. For instance, when you replace your thoughts on poverty with those of plenty, you will be energized to work towards generating wealth. This is because the universe constitutes inclusion; by placing your focus on certain thoughts, the universe will arrange these elements accordingly to create situations where you are able to manifest the thoughts in reality.

Equally important, your thoughts on all aspects of life are a manifest of the law of coming together. Happiness in your life is a result of the perception of life that you choose to reveal from your mind. Your intentions on how your life is unfolding, attracts the pattern externally in the universe and manifest to other people. For instance, if your perceptions of your life are on improving your self-worth, through attraction, your life improves. Some alternative medical procedures use the law of attraction whereby a patient is able to repetitively recite what they would want in their lives. This repetitive recitation impacts on the thoughts attracting positive outcomes in the lives of those indulging in meditations and recitations.

In conclusion, health and wealth are an attraction of energy centers from an individual. Optimistic thoughts draw good health which is a mirror of your thoughts. Additionally, the mind exudes unlimited healing capacity which is responsible for physical healing as well as generating your happiness.